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Managing Your Outsourced Projects - Part of the Managing Without Micro-Managing Training Series

posted Oct 18, 2016, 11:51 AM by Admin Administrator
Outsourcing saves entrepreneurs, small businesses, consultants, and business professionals a lot of time and money. The key to a successful relationship with your outsourcing provider is communicating in an effective manner that clearly states the job requirements and your expectations.  Continue reading to get tips on creating a productive and successful relationship with your outsourcing provider.
  1.    Prior to outsourcing a project create a how-to document and/or checklist.
a.     This is especially important when delegating business practices that have already been established.
b.     Review this document via phone, email, or web conference with your vendor to ensure he/she understands the process.
c.      Use bullet points or numbered steps.
d.     If it is too daunting a task to create the document. Schedule a conference call with your vendor and have them create it.
2.     Always place a due date in the subject line of the email and reiterate the due date in the project description.
a.     Request a verification email stating the project has been received and the due date is acceptable.
3.     Specify the maximum number of hours or dollars you approve to be initially spent on the project. Include any requirements for status reports or updates.
a.     This is important because it will allow you to budget and gives a clear view of what you expect.
b.     You can always adjust this estimate.
4.     For large projects schedule weekly phone calls or web conferences to review the project and its progress.
a.     For smaller projects a weekly email may be appropriate.

The above is part of our Managing Without Micro-Managing Training Series. Contact us to learn more and to sign up for our next training session.